Hello, I’m Angela! I’m an illustrator and printmaker based out of Calgary, Canada. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the Alberta University of the Arts (Formerly ACAD) in 2016. Since then I have continued my love of printmaking and other media!

I have always had a deep love and respect for all living things, for we share the planet with them. This admiration has consistency influenced my work and will continue to help it grow and expand.


Each print is made using a Printmaking process called “relief”. This simply means that it is a process of cutting or etching a printing surface. What is carved away will not be hit with ink, and what remains uncarved is your image. Printing ink is then applied to the raised surface and a sheet of paper is laid on the block to take an impression by hand or a press. Woodcut and etching are also forms of relief printing.

Lino/Relief printing has always been one of my favorite forms of printmaking and art making in general. Each Lino print I make is hand carved, pressed, and packaged with care. Since each one is printed by hand, they’re all completely unique!

My work celebrates all plant and nature things! I live in a very unique place, Alberta. This province has 6 different ecosystems which makes the plant and animal life so incredibly diverse. For someone with a connection to the natural world, there’s not shortage of inspiration. Not to mention the amount of houseplants I have, keeps me motivated.